Veganuary Interrupted

So I made a pledge to my readers to post a new recipe everyday for the month of January to celebrate Veganuary.

Life, and it's conclusion, had other plans, and I had to put things on hold.

Upon completing my last post, the office window behind my desk lit up like a Christmas tree!

My entire street seemed to be lined with emergency vehicles!

When I saw a shadowy uniformed figure moving briskly through my yard, it became apparent what was happening.

My home is a house split into two separate apartments.

My husband and I occupy the ground floor and my mother and stepfather are right upstairs.

My stepfather, who has been in my life for 32 years, was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago and has been in very poor health for the past few years.

The holiday season, for our family, is often peppered with ambulances in our driveway and trips to the hospital.

We have come to expect this.

This time it was different.

This time my stepfather did not make it to the hospital.

Thomas Frank Pontecorvo was a big man, with a big personality!

His essence is all around us and you can't walk through our yard without sparking a memory of him.

While I am dealing with my own grieving process I would like to direct some love and light toward my two beautiful stepsisters, who live far away but are close to my heart at all times.

And of course my amazing mom, who dedicated her life to caring for Tom.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and my family.

We will get through this, but things will never be the same.

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