Five Days In And Time To Get Lazy!

So right about now I'm kicking myself for not saving my five ingredient recipe for today, the fifth of Veganuary.

So instead of doing a five ingredient recipe on the fifth, I'm gonna do a three ingredient recipe!!!!

Holy schnykies!

Yeah, I said it.

Three ingredients.

And, BLAM:

BBQ Yuba with Roasted Peppers.

Took more words to name it than it took ingredients to make it with!

Because it's only three ingredients.

Have I beaten that point to death yet?

Anyway, BBQ Yuba! Look how pretty!

I made a whole crock pot of this tasty business, so the photo above is what went into the freezer, squirreled away for another night's feast.

This BBQ Yuba was so freakin delicious and so freakin easy to make!

And did I mention only three ingredients?!

Spoiler alert, one of the ingredients is a jar of BBQ sauce!

Guess what the other two were?


Yuba, or tofu skins, or bean curd sheets & peppers!

Any pepper will do, whatever you personally enjoy eating.

These (pictured below) are the bean curd sheets.

If you are a local, I would recommend a visit to Saigon Market where I get my bean curd sheets as well as many other hard to find items.

If you can see the price tag on that sack of bean sheets, you know why they say vegan food is so expensive.

One hundred and ninety nine pennies, and that's before tax!

In the next step I'll show you why it's so hard and inconvenient.

(OK, I'll get off the snarky shtick...for now.)

The method is pretty simple.

Use some kitchen snips and shred that whole pack of curd right into your crock-pot, insta-pot or stockpot...whichever pot you prefer, but you're gonna need some kind of pot.

Pour your BBQ sauce into the pot and fill the jar a quarter full with water and shake it with vigor.

Empty your jar (which is now ready for recycling or reusing) into the pot, give everything a good stir and set your insta-crock pot to a stew setting and let 'er go.

This is a great set-it-and-forget-it recipe.

I would recommend starting this whole thing a few hours before you intend to eat.

The yuba really benefits from a slow braise.

In the meantime, roast your peppers.

Do not use oil.

Wash your peppers, chop and seed them, roast the bejesus out of them either in an oven set to broil or dry fry in a cast iron skillet.

It's just so stinkin simple, but super tasty.

If you don't have a good BBQ sauce hookup, like a brand you love and trust, or maybe you're a purist and don't want to use a pre-made sauce, use your own, but if that's not an option email me a recipe request, and I'll get you sorted..

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