Sad Salad and Depressing Dressing

Veganuary is coming!!!!

In the off chance you have not heard of Veganuary, it is a registered charity focused on raising vegan awareness among non-vegan people. It is also a mini movement in which non-vegan people try on a plant based lifestyle for the month of January.

It's a great way to break-up a mealtime rut while also boosting your health regimen in the new year!

(check out for more info on the charity)

I would like to invite everyone to join me for Veganuary!

To celebrate, I will be posting daily recipes for the month of January, as well as lifestyle tips and resources.

My main goal is to make the transition a little easier for those who would like to live a plant based life style, but are afraid their meal options will become limited.

There are no sad salads with depressing dressing in my meal plans!

I vowed to give up as little as possible when I went vegan, and I'm sticking to it!

Actually, the things I have given up have become what brings me the most joy about this lifestyle, but for the sake of keeping the vibe light and breezy, I won't go into detail about that aspect.

My secondary goal is to introduce veganism to those who have no interest in making a switch, but just want to understand us wacky vegans a little better.

My own mother doesn't really get it!

But she will.


This year at Christmas, she offered to cook the family meal, which was great.

I asked her if I should bring something for myself to eat?

She said there was no need.

Here's how that conversation went:

me: Great yeah, is there going to be anything I can eat, or should I bring something?

her: No, I'm making lasagna.

me: With cheese?

her: You don't eat cheese?!

me: No animal products.

her: What do you eat then? Well, I'm making steamed broccoli, you can have that right?

me: So that's a "yes" I need to bring something.

her: Why don't you bring a salad?

me: ***dies a little inside***

This is the second major event I've been asked to bring a salad to in the last two months!

People hear vegan and immediately think salad.

I don't have anything against salad per se, but I rarely eat them in the winter and really don't want people to think I am promoting a lifestyle based around a never ending bowl of leaves.

It's the Holidays, I want some comfort food!!!

I decided to meet her halfway, I made a warm "salad" of pan seared sweet potato gnocchi & sauteed collard greens with Buddha's hand vinaigrette.

For my entree I made a personal vegan lasagna with walnut ricotta.

I also made a vegan antipasti platter with a mixture of homemade and store bought vegan cheeses, homemade seitan pepperoni, vegan jerky, grapes and crackers.

My love of going overboard also compelled me to make carrot lox canapes with shaved shallots, capers and dilled cashew creme friache on pumpernickel crostini.

And for a sweet treat a "decorate your own" gingerbread man station, and homemade Vegan eggnog with Bailey's Almande on hand for the adventurous.

The bad news is, I didn't get to eat much because I was so busy fielding questions about veganism.

The good news is, I didn't get to eat much because I was so busy fielding questions about veganism!

It was lovely to be among friends and family and being able to share a bit about this lifestyle I have embraced. Their curiosity was refreshingly devoid of judgement and hopefully I helped them understand, it's not all salad!

I think it's important to meet questions with enthusiasm and positivity and take caution to never attack someone for fearing the unknown (after all, they took the step and asked!).

With that in mind, I extend a warm welcome to all those who would like to eat some plants with me this January! I promise I will show you how to make it fun and filling!

Please join me this Veganuary, right here on this blog spot, where I will be sharing recipes, insights, observations, tales of whoa...

And as always, please comment if you have any questions, concerns, requests, or just want to share your trials and triumphs!

I love feedback, and I have a pretty thick skin (years of restaurant work will do that to ya!) so you can be blunt, I just ask that you don't go out of your way to offend anyone, as I go out of my way not to offend you.

Let's keep it classy, Wilmington.

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