Wheel Work For Food

So, now that everyone knows my plan to hit the road with my family, the next big question is, HOW?

Obviously, Conscience Cuisine LLC will still be a thing, that's my baby!!! The exact format of the work may switch up a bit. It will just have to be adapted to life on the go.

Perhaps the world needs a traveling personal chef service?

I have considered adding a Chef Temp service to my company.

A service for restaurants that just need a fill-in for a short period of time.

Both my husband and I are more than qualified to step into any restaurant and run a station for the evening, a week, a month....

Are restaurateurs even interested in such a service?

Well, maybe we'll find out.

Perhaps I will become a model...do you think Metamucil is looking for a spokesperson?

I've got my wheels spinning, trying to figure this whole thing out. I was thinking of starting an RV lifestyle/travel blog...

one with ads all over it, to help pay my automobills...

one where my husband and I go to different towns and document our experiences working for various food venues, restaurants, events, shelters...what-have-you!

I'd call it "Wheel Work for Food"...

This idea, for obvious reasons, is contingent on our ability to make some connections and devise a solid plan.

Oh Lort Help Us!

Is something like this sponsor-able?

A couple of Nomadic conqueror's for hire?

If you'd like to get involved with our worthy cause, any revenue generated will be directly applied to the support of these needy animals:

Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions (and also for reading my blog!)

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