Spilling the Beans

Two or three blogs ago, in a fit of cheeky hysteria, I alluded to some big secret I have been sitting on.

And then my hometown suffered a terrible natural disaster that really polarized our community, bringing out the best and (unfortunately) the worst in people.

We are all trying to recover and pick up our lives from where we left off.

Not being one to dwell on misery, that is exactly what I'm doing right now, picking up and moving on.

This whole time, I have been keeping a secret.

Well, I just can't take it anymore, it's time to spill the beans!

The Hubs (my dear, sweet husband,[ who for some strange reason just adores me] ) and I have been somewhat obsessed with the prospect of home ownership.

Many spare moments have been spent scouring zillow.com and cruising around in search of "for sale" signs.

Hours spent fantasizing about what color scheme to redecorate with, planning the garden and writing imaginary menus to serve at the housewarming party...

After many a restless night,we have decided to shake things up a bit.

We are eschewing the status quo and buying an RV to live in full time!

The open road will be our home!

That's right folks, and we are hitting the bricks and taking the fur babies with us!

Two adults, two large dogs and two fat cats (possibly three, but that's another kettle of fish)... the whole family taking it to the streets for a life less ordinary.

It's going to be nuts, but that suits us just fine, we're kinda nuts!

Needless to say, we are gonna need to figure out a way to make some scratch out on the road.

While we haven't 100% nailed down those details, we are open to any helpful suggestions, though we do do have a few ideas of our own.

Such as:

We're going to start up a nice little webcam site dedicated to house cleaning and weird foot stuff.

Just kidding, we are likely just going out west to work in the medical agriculture industry.

C'mon, no matter what your views are on legalization, you have to at least be relieved we aren't really doing that first thing with the feet.

Along the way we plan to pick up work with local pop-up restaurants and immerse ourselves in local food scenes. I'm working on building some contacts now, so if you are reading this, and have some helpful contact information please holler!

We are giving ourselves another year and a half for scheming and dreaming. In the meantime I am stockpiling lists of restaurants and food industry organizations I'd love to get involved with...as well as a few farm sanctuaries I would like to volunteer with along the way...that way I can pet ALL OF THE FUZZIES!!!

Our minds and hearts are open and ready to be filled with wanderlust and adventure!

If you have any helpful suggestions, RV life tips or vicarious travel requests, please drop them in the comment section below! I'd love to hear from you!

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