What it means to me

Being a chef is as much of a lifestyle as being an artist or musician, you have to be passionate and allow your experiences to enrich your performance. You also have to really love feeding people! There is something positively addictive to coaxing someone out of their culinary comfort zone and pleasantly surprising them. That is not to say serving up heaping helping of an old favorite is any less euphoric! I am a collector of these experiences. I have spent my career garnering an assortment of influences which have shaped my epicurean interests and style. I have accrued twenty years of experience with one form of food service or another. I have spent time on the line, sweating it out with the best of them. I have spent time serving the masses , and experienced such joys as feeding someone their first taste of mimolette. I have even spent time down in the soil, working with the first link in the food chain, where it all begins. Food is the ultimate connection we all have with one another and our environment. I do my best to honor where it came from and handle it respectfully.

(Peas & Carrots ~ confit carrots nestled in pea shoots from Wholesome Greens Urban Farm)

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